Translation price is set for the resulting page containing 2,000 characters with spaces, depending on:

1. Translation period

1.1. Normal regime translations
Normal regime translations are delivered after minimum 24 hours, the maximum limit being of 8 pages per day.

1.2. Urgent translations
Urgent translations are delivered in the same day, within a limit of maximum 5 pages. If the document or the documentation exceed 5 pages, the delivery shall be made in the immediately following day or at the deadline established together with the client.

2. Terminology type and difficulty level

2.1. Normal terminology
Within the normal terminology fall all the documents that do not contain specialized, technical, medical terms etc. (for instance: baccalaureate diplomas, high school graduation certificates, high school transcripts of record, personal e-mails etc.)

2.2. Technical terminology
All the technical, medical, economic and literary documents presenting a high difficulty level (which require a longer time in order to find the proper equivalent) fall into the technical terminology.