How to exchange your foreign driving licence with a Romanian one?

Hello, everyone!

This article is mainly intended for Pakistani nationals who are currently working in Romania.

I will provide you with the steps required to obtain a Romanian driving licence:

1. You need to obtain a medical sheet in order to prove that you're in good health and fit to drive. (there are several providers that you can find online)

2. Obtain a Criminal record certificate (from the County Police Inspectorate - )

3. Translate the Pakistani driving licence (legalized translation)

4. Pay the fee of 89 lei

5. An interpreter must accompany you to the police in order to fill out two forms (we can help you by having you fill in the forms at our office)

6. Make a copy of your Romanian permit of stay (TRC) which will be included in the file

For any other details, please contact us at 0741286561