List of translation services

List of translation services offered by Authentic Version Galați. Our translation centre's mission is to provide you with quality translation at competitive prices.

document translation

Sworn translations

The sworn translation is the official translation of a document from the foreign language into Romanian or from the...

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Man buys car

Car documents

The registration procedure of the cars bought abroad provides for the translation of their documents. It is mandato...

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Translation of study documents

Study documents

Our translation centre welcomes you and performs the translation of study documents as soon as possible

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Translator translates industrial documents

Technical translations

The correct translation of technical documentations, medical documents, etc. is of vital importance to the final be...

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Document apostille

Legalized translations

The legalized translation represents the translation of an original or authentic document, under private signature ...

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Stamping the document by a notary


Collation is a less used notarial procedure, which represents the legalized copy of a document in a foreign languag...

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Interpreting refers to the simultaneous or consecutive verbatim real-time translation of a discourse.

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Woman looks at the product label written in English


Localization is the process whereby a product or content specific to a place or market is adapted to the target aud...

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Document legalization

Hague Apostille

By the Hague Convention from 1965 a unique procedure was established whereby a document issued in one of the Conven...

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The translation office team

Other related services

To the extent of the client’s wish, we may provide the DTP (Desktop Publishing) service, whereby we attempt to rend...

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