The translation office team

Other related services

To the extent of the client’s wish, we may provide the DTP (Desktop Publishing) service, whereby we attempt to render the original form of the source document. In order to do this effectively, the client must provide us the document to be translate in an editable format. In the absence of an editable format, we cannot guarantee the perfect match of the translation with the original document’s form.

Our team offers FREE consultancy, which is required to establish the steps to be taken based on the documents presented for translation. The consultancy refers to: translation purpose, translation type that can be provided depending on the presented document (whether it is original or photocopied) as well as the route your document/documents must take (sworn translation to the end-used, legalized translation followed by the Apostille or superlegalization, according to the procedure described at Hague Apostille (click here). Therefore, we shall ask all the questions required for the proper identification of your translation needs.

If, due to unfortunate events, you are unable to collect your documents, we will send them to you (courier fee to be paid)