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Interesting things about translations

Did you know that:

  • The International Translators’ Day is celebrated on 30 September
  • Translators don't get bored. Each year, a translator translates on average about 760,000 words
  • The origin of the word "translation" is the Latin word "translatio", which means both transfer and translation
  • The first translation in the world was the translation of the Old Testament, around 200 BC called "Koine" in Ancient Greek or "Septuaginta" (Septua = seventy, from the number of translators)
  • Translators have a patron saint, Saint Jerome, who translated the Bible in the 5th century, the version called Vulgata
  • It seems that the Bible is not the most translated book in the world but "Listen to God and Live Forever", which was published by Jehovah's Witnesses.
  • The most difficult languages are: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.
  • The translation market amounts to an average of EUR 50 billion.
  • UNESCO has an online database called "Index Translationum", which includes a list of all books translated into the world. Agatha Cristie leads the leaderboard with 7233 translations, followed by Jules Vernes with 4,751 translations and William Shakespeare with 4,293 translations.
  • Braille is an important tool for the blind. It has been designed for almost all existing languages but also for subjects for computer science, music or mathematics. The Braille system is represented by combinations of points (6) and spaces representing letters, numbers and punctuation marks, the basis of which is a code called a "cell”.